The Fires of Tau'Ser

The Story So Far

The campaign preceding The Fires of Tau’Ser began innocently enough as a second edition campaign using the “Night Below” module, and later expanded to emcompass the “Red Hand of Fate” 3rd edition adventure. These adventures were mixed together with a slew of one shot modules and even more random GM created content. The end result was a semi-coherent campaign world, but one only vaguely resembling its original ingredients. An on again off again affair, the gaming group was centered around a core of four or five players, with others joining and leaving quite frequently. Despite this, the campaign persevered (somewhere along the line being converted to 3rd edition), and finally, after about 7 years, the campaign reached its conclusion. At this point, 4th edition was about to arrive, and I was interested in trying it out. The players, on the other hand, had all invested significant time in their characters (most of whom were level 25 or so) and were understandably reluctant to part with them and try something new. The answer came when the new story for the Forgotten Realms was released. It was decided that the campaign would be advanced about 100 years in time to just after the events of the Spellscourge. The players would create new characters and adventure in the world that their predescessors had created. The players would additionally be able to affect on the world via their old 3rd edition characters (all of whom were still alive after the time advance, due to either being from a long lived species, altered by crazy magics, or in two cases, actually ascending to godhood). The end result of this is the Fires of Tau’Ser, a story 7 years in the making.

Although a timeline of events in the campaign can be found here, I’m not going to try to write a complete story for everyhing that’s happened up to this point. Most of the players involved already know what happened anyways. Also, please note that though this campaign is set within Faerun, it does not strictly follow the Forgotten Realms timeline. There are deviations (some quite significant) within the area of the Shaar. Outside of the Shaar, however, events can be assumed to have progressed along the same lines as they did historically. After the arrival of the Spellscourge, things will likely split off from the “official” Forgotten Realms timeline entirely.


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