Telmarin, Kuiper


Kuiper (28), 6th-level Ranger: AC 4 (leather armor +1, Dexterity bonus); MV 12; hp 35; THACO 15 (14 with long sword +1, 13 with bow or dagger +2); #AT 1 or 2; Dmg ld8+2 (l_ong sword +1_, Strength bonus), ld4+3 (dagger +2, Strength bonus) or ld6 (composite long bow and flight arrows); SA attack with two weapons; SD ranger skills (see below); AL NG. St 16, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 13. Ranger abilities: Tracking (16), Hide in Shadows (42%), Move Silently (52%). Kuiper has a ring of free action and a potion of extra-healing.


Kuiper Telmarin (1361DR-1422DR) was a self taught human ranger, farmer, and troubleshooter. He is noted for being an early protector and caretaker of the bedraggled settlers of Haranshire, and one of the fist acquaintances of Sylvan Tyr’Nas Vierkah.

He married Oleanne Windsong in Ches of 1391. They had four daughters and one son, Avren Telmarin.

Early Life
Telmarin was the last of seven children born to Alec Avory Kuiper and Gielsa Sorberdat, his mother, who died in childbirth. His family stock descended from the tribes which once roamed the great planes of the Shaar and had come to settle at the fork in the river. Kuiper’s youth was spent in and around Thurmaster, as the youngest member of the family he was often lacking for heavy work and spent his idle hours wandering alone in the fields. This caused his father no end of consternation and so at the age of seven he was sent to apprentice with a whitesmith in Parlfray Keep. This apprenticeship lasted for eight years before the stories told by passing travelers and the lure of the wild was too much for the young Kuiper to bear. His apprenticeship was not yet fulfilled and his uproarious departure forced his father Alec into debt, and eventually debtors prison. Kuiper would work as sellsword and manual laborer for a further nine years to buy his father out of prison. The rift in their relationship would never heal, and Kuiper’s guilt over the circumstances became a vow to make right the world if it would please his father.

Adventuring Days
Kuiper left Thurmaster at his fathers behest and built a small farmstead north of the Thornwood. It was there by himself he honed his wilderness skills and first met Oleanne during his sojourns through the wood. He later became part of a small brotherhood of local rangers with his introduction Garyld and Shiraz. Together they would keep watch of the wilds and hamlets of Haranshire. Kuiper eared a reputation as both a capable ranger and a gregarious and fast friend. Though his patrol rarely took him through towns he was always welcomed by the locals as one of the only sources of news. Kuiper was keenly aware of all the goings on along the rivers between Thurmaster and Milborne. It was this reputation and knowledge of the land which prompted the wizard Tauster to send Syl Vierka, Daeb’b, Erric, Proem Torendell, and The Samurai to Kuiper upon receiving news of Jelenneth and her disappearance.

Telmarin, Kuiper

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